Let's Recap...2014

Wow, 2014. I started this post and wanted to share my thoughts and new year resolutions for 2015, but how can you really do that unless you review the past year? So here is my 2014 recap. 

Ah yes - 2014. So many good memories:

- Visited:

  • Philadelphia, PA 
  • Toronto, ON
  • Coronado Island, CA 
  • Los Angeles, CA 
  • Miami, FL 
  • Nashville, TN
  • Savannah, GA 
  • Steamboat Springs, CA

- Swam with a Dolphin (Bob...<3) 
- Ran TWO Half Marathons and a 5k 
- The YMCA Mistletoe and 13.1 Half
- Visited Hollywood 
- Road my bike down Santa Monica Blvd. 
- Walked down Venice Beach 
- Moved to a new apartment (which I love) 
- Ran a lot! 
- Played with a squirrel named Sandy
- Drank lots of cuban coffee in Miami
- Snorkeled
- Bought a Paddle Board and a GoPro
- Developed an addiction to Lululemon - Ha what's new? 
-Turned 25
- Celebrated a 1 year anniversary - Hey! Tmoney! 
-Tried to Snowboard - Next year I will get better! 
- Got a new job which I am so excited about! 

I am sure I am missing so many more memories but I want to keep this flow going and talk about what is coming in 2015! 


Professional Goals: 

  • Take the Google Analytics and Ad words certification - Stay tuned, this should be checked off this month! 
  • Refresh and re-learn html5/CSS/Javascript
  • Finish taking this course.

Personal Goals: 

  • I will lose 15lbs. by December 31, 2015. Stay tuned I am creating a blog for this to keep track of my progress.
  • Run the bear run in 55 minutes. 
  • Run a 5k in sub 25 minutes - this is slow I know! 8:03 pace - OMG! 
  • Write and work on my professional/art portfolio - I have been such a slacker.
  • Save money! Pay off my Student loan and computer. 
  • Eat out only 2 times a week.

Notice that I do not have any long runs on my 2015 goals. I am in the process of writing a post about how I really messed up my body and mind with running two half marathons a month apart. My last half was so terrible that it really ruined my drive to do another half or marathon in 2015. I am sorting out my thoughts out and trying to put together some pointers for newbies who have started running and how to stay positive when you have hit a slump in your running or have a terrible race and how to recover. For me, 2015 is going to be the year of balance and moderation. 

Have you felt similar after pushing yourself to do another race when you weren't ready? How did you get back into running? Share a link to your 2015 goals in the comments below.

Week Recap - 1 Down

Week Recap - 1 Down