Oh Hai Summer!

Is anyone else really feeling Summer 2017?

This year just feels more of all the Summer feels. You know? Like it just feels like Summer. I've been feeling super happy, free, busy and just, sunny. 

Anyways in the spirit of Summer luvin, Spotify sent me all my 2016 Summer Jams. It's been a pretty amazing playlist, and has taken me back to so many Summer feels. Thanx, Nicki Manaj's Pills N Potions. :-/

So I am going to attempt to bless you all with my Summer of 2016 jamz. You're welcome. 

Listen Here. Or simply open the Spotify App, activate the camera next to the Search Bar, and import this picture from your camera roll. Pretty cool, right? 

So since I have been in my mind thinking about writing a blog for YEARS. I am doin' it. 

Here's another thought, as basic as this seems daily affirmations are amazing. 

They are even better with dogs. 



K, love y'all.