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Who I am.

After moonlighting for several years while working in corporate America, I struggled balancing my fears about my own professional and personal development and maintaining my sense of self. I struggled to find healthy relationships (hello, 30 and single) and let’s be real, burnout. I developed this website to help me explore who I am, as well as help others find balance.


Let’s work together

Part of combating burnout is having the ability to free up space where you need it. Are you launching a new career, a business, educating others or maybe you're just starting to dream about that project you’ve been thinking about? I work with women entrepreneurs and businesses by managing their day-to-day workload and creating strategy to focus your efforts on the bigger picture goals for your business.


As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.



Get helpful tips and tricks to help you launch your social media plan, grow and develop your digital presence.



When you have accountability you create the space to be honest with yourself. I develop tools to help keep you accountable along your journey.


Virtual Assisting

This is way more than a “gig”. Owning or starting a business or project can be stressful and time-consuming. Let me help by freeing up your time and resources to allow you to do, what you do best.