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Modern Marketing & Brand Building

For mindful entrepreneurs.


You are pulled in a million different directions each day. Here is where I come in. If you are here, then you are already taking the first step to achieving your goals. Getting clear on your strengths and opportunities and looking to make some good things happen.

My philosophy is focusing on getting to know you, above all else. When you are seen, respected and encouraged great things can happen for not only your self but for your business. I believe raising women up, starts first with breaking down the blockages and being real about your fears, your struggles and elevate your strengths and what makes you happy. And most importantly asking the right questions about where you want to go.

I am here for you. I started my business because of my love for strong entrepreneurial women and helping them succeed.

I tailor and design every call or project around your needs, not the same four-step process that you read on a million other coaching or freelance websites. I am here to help you develop your ideas and strengths and I can also help execute. I am part business coach and assistant. My approach helps guide you to launch a new business or develop one you already have. I also offer virtual assisting on anything from content creation to writing, I am extra resource that you can tap into whenever and where ever you are.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a free consultation and let’s meet.

free 15 minute consultation


VirtUal Brand Building

Need a hand scheduling or developing a social media strategy or design a flyer? I am your resource for building a mindful business. I have over 7 years of marketing experience at your fingertips and am available projects or just an extra task to take off your plate.


Marketing and branding should never be thought of separately. Branding is who you are—and marketing is how you build awareness. Branding is your strategy, while marketing encompasses your tactical goals. This package allows you to pick what you need most for your business to grow.

  • Marketing package could includes brainstorming customer journey, email strategy and paid ads.

    • Social media, website, and email packages available

  • My branding package allows you to easily communicate and sell your brand in a natural, engaging & compelling way.

    • includes brainstorming concepts/ moodboards, styling, and photography

    • includes branded templates, visuals, and copy writing

$45 USD hourly



Whether you’re ready to take your business to the next level or launch with a bang, brand coaching is what you need to create distinction, strategy and action plan to generate real results.


 Start with a “brand investigation”: a 60min call designed to help you find your secret “brand” sauce. Complete with a written, follow-up action plan tailored to your business.

After your brand investigation you can sign up for 6 weeks of individualized 1:1 coaching.

  • cost of “brand examine” will be applied to coaching package if you move forward.

  • coaching packages all have unlimited email access to moi

  • great for new businesses or established ones that need fine tuning


Pricing Starts At $425 USD